What does it tastes like?

Since our debut at Coffee Expo 2019 back in April, we’ve spoken to a bunch of folks who are curious about what their coffee will taste like on the Cold Still.

We’d love to brew it for you. 

How’s it work? Send us a coffee of your choice, whole bean. We’ll brew it on the Cold Still and send it back for you to taste

What we need from you: 

  • 35lbs of the coffee of your choice, whole bean 

  • Your honest feedback when you do get the coffee back.

email us at info@draftcoffeesolutions.com for more info


The Cold Still® patent protected brewing method is re-engineering what cold brew can do:

  • Get 50% more beverage out of each coffee bean than traditional cold brew.

  • Use 1/5th the storage space of other methods by taking advantage of the strongest natural cold brewed concentrate on the market.

  • Efficiently brew and package your product in a single shift, cleanly, while taking up less storage and brewing space.

  • Nitro ready because there are no suspended solids and no filters needed, you can go from brew to serve without any post processes (and maintain a better shelf life).

  • Our brew method is patented and our Cold Still® brewer designs are also patented. They are uniquely scalable and easy to use. No more dumping hundreds of pounds of sopping wet coffee grounds on the floor, Cold Still® has easy to use trays making cleanup simple.

  • Cold Still® was the first filterless cold brew method. Coffee is the best filter for coffee. You can identify our cup by its distinct crystal clarity.

  • Cold Still® can also help you do hot draft the right way, serve cold shots that are as strong as espresso, or just save space with 1:4 concentrate via bag in box.

  • If 50 to 300 gals per device is still too small for your application and you’re looking for a custom fit to scale higher demand; we do that too. Make equipment and want to license our patented tech to your devices? Contact us soon.


The Cold Still 50… fully automated