Cold Still® 300


Cold Still® 300


300 Gallon Cold Still®

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The 300 Gallon Brewer offers all of the benefits of the 100 Gallon Brewer with higher volumetric yield. Ideal for mid-to-large wholesale cold coffee breweries.

Brew 300 Gallons of Cold Brew Coffee in 3-6 hours


  • Brew 100, 200 or 300 gallons

  • Can be set up to work in tandem with any large storage tanks, such as beer or wine fermenters, brite tanks, etc.


  • 56”H x 32”W x 51”L with casters. Unit is available without casters, changing to 52”H x 32”W x 42”L

  • Weight is 500lbs. Shipping weight is 590lbs.


  • Brews 1:4 concentrate, reducing your storage needs by 80%, and saves you on potential shipping or transport costs

  • Each brew can be completed in 6 hours, allowing multiple batches to be brewed in one day.

  • Brew 50% more product from each unit of roasted coffee


  • “Coffee is the best filter for coffee.” Achieve a concentrate free of suspended solids without paper filters

  • No over-extraction because brewing stops when coffee leaves the brew bed

  • Nitro-ready, no further filtration required to implement into a nitro tap

If you would like to set up a wire transfer for the remainder of the balance, directly after submitting the deposit, we will ship in 4-6 weeks, depending on manufacturing.

*We will be in touch after purchase regarding freight requirement and shipping costs

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